List of Artists that have performed at one of the past High Springs Music in the Park events: Random Order...

Bucksnort Barn Dance Band

Ken Uhrig

Sandy Back Porch

The Whispering Tree

2 PM Band Florida

Chris Kastle

Lucky Mud

Eli Tragash

Tom Shed

SHEBA the Mississippi Queen

Jim Allen's Finger Lickin' Blues and Ballads

the Gainesville Big Band


Smithson & French

Madison Carr

Dirty Cello 

Matthew Kenneth Fowler 

Elio Piedra (Latin Sound Machine) 

Jacob Johnson    

Cliff Dorsey   

Museum of Oddities (Bruce Johnson/John Young) 

Michael O’Meara 

Brian Smalley 

HR Gertner 

Don Austin 

Dayrl Brewer 

Sno Rogers 

Alan Height 

Elaine Mahon 

Dirty River Band (Ken Walker) 

Evan Davis 

Cracker the Box (Glenn “Hamhock” Moody/Don Blitch) 

Rick Randlett 

Cassie Keenum 

Cindy Bear 

Franc Robert 

Rachel Grubb 

Lance Howell 

Chris Newman 

Savanah Ward 

Rachel Parker 

Ted Wright 

Scott Butch

Sita Dial 

James Tuck Tucker 

Chuck Levy 

Streak of Lean (Susan Staton, Bob Lanham, Kerry Blech) 

High Springs Community School Bands aka The Hawks with Vito Montauk (director of bands) 

Courtney Opsatnick 

Shawn Manley 

Al Poindexter 

Kathleen Taylor 

Emment Carlisle 

Ricky Kendall 

Dr. Sinn's Freak Island Musical Sideshow (Dr. Becky Sinn, Mr. Fiddlesticks, Jenny Castle, Sally B. Dash and Henrietta Henhouse) 

The Gibson's (Ocala) 

Jessica Vickers 

Exit 78 Band (Kyle New, Daniel App, Logan Fischer, Jon Humphrey) 

Julien Kozak                                                                                

Gailanne Amundsen

Abe Partridge

Courtney Blackwell   

Rebecca Pethes

Kids on Main Street (Witnesses of Christ) 

Mandy Rowden 

Kim Blackburn 

Rebecca Pethes 

Layne Weldon 

Ken Walker 

Remedy Tree (Gabriel & Abigail Acevedo/ Xander Lynn) 

Bo Page 

Flying Turtles String Band (Ellen & Tom Hogan) 

The Crabgrass Cowboys (Patty and Hapi McKenzie) 

Damaged Daughters (Kim LeCouteur/Amber Waters) 

Kenji Rayne aka Ken Walker 

Richard Gilewitz 

Terry Whitehead 

Barbara Paul Armbrecht 

Patchwork Girls (Cathy DeWitt, Tammy Murray, Janet Rucker, Jolene Stone Jones, Annie McPherson) 

Mr Aullie aka Don Blitch 

Ellen Bukstel 

Kyle Keller 

Bing Futch 

The Bailey’s Bluegrass Band (Lee Bailey, Benny McDowell, and Marilyn Bailey) 

The Front Porch Backsteppers (Eli Tragash & Shawn) 

The Cedar Creek Drifters (Gathel Runnels, Richard Hardy, Nathan Stinnette) 

QuarterMoon (John Smith, Raven Smith, Tom Nelly) 

Crucial Eddie Cotton with John Peyton and Dave Waite 

Paul & Kay Garfinkel 

Mary Z Cox 

LaGrange Band (John French) 

Delta Dutchman (Alan Yeatter & Brother) 

Kimmy & The Tease (Kim LeCouteur/Amber Waters) 

The Higgs McGee Band (Phil Cook , Everett Caudle , Dave Hastings, Kennon Caudle) 

Tamara Vaughn 

Mike Smith 

Wicked Son (Kirby Stanley) 

Matt Lucas 

Church of the Cross Youth Group (Adlai Wingfield) 

Margie Z 

John Sterpe 

Cowboy Dave 

Larry & Laura (Roaming Minstrels Ministry)

Homeward Bound Group 

Austin Miller 

Lady & the Tramp (Karen White/Joe Knox) 


and more....




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